Subway Manager

Subway Manager Position Requirements

Subway Manager responsibilities include the following: (other duties may be assigned)

  • Report prepared and ready for work at scheduled time.
  • Greet each customer with the specified company greeting ~ “Welcome to Subway” or other specified greeting.
  • Give all customers prompt and courteous service.
  • Record all sales promptly and accurately as per company standards.
  • Practice plus selling at all times by following company guidelines.
  • React to and report customer complaints tactfully and promptly.
  • Maintain daily, a clean attractive store, inside and out, by completing all shift duties as stated.
  • Follow Company policies regarding cash levels in registers and making safe drops.
  • Complete shift reports accurately, neatly and timely, as per company standards.
  • Follow all company safety and security procedures, looking for and elimination safety hazards. Report all unsafe acts or conditions to management.
  • Operate all appliances in the fast food store safe and efficient in accordance with health regulations and so that the products meet or exceed company standards.
  • Prepare food to specified requirement and portions.
  • Follow food safety guidelines regarding holding times and temperatures.
  • Minimize controllable store expenses by following company guidelines involving the handling of spoilage, breakage and items that are not for store use.
  • Reduce theft loss and shrinkage by following company policies and procedures and practicing honesty in the workplace.
  • Clock in and out properly on the back office computer or POS terminal as per company policy.
  • Complete all other store tasks and activities as assigned by your store manager in a prompt, cooperative and accurate manner.
  • Must be able to lift, pull and/or push up to 50 pounds in the stocking and merchandising of store inventory. Standing for up to a full eight (8) hour shift. Necessary standing, stooping and bending to stock and inventory merchandise including stocking inside the walk in cooler.
  • Follow the company guidelines outlined in the dress code, including properly maintaining a clean uniform and proper personal grooming standards for working with food products.
  • Insure safety checklist is complete per company policy.


General Management

  • Develop and maintain a superior level of customer service by using professional and proper management techniques in all words and actions.
  • Direct store employees to adhere to company policies and procedures.
  • Train store employees in store operations policies and procedures.
  • Report to the Supervisor any repair and maintenance problems that cannot be handled routinely by the Store Manager or any store personnel.
  • Maintain scheduled hours of operation through adequately scheduling personnel for regular shifts and peak periods within the allotted budgeted hours.
  • Handle any scheduling conflicts. Consult the Supervisor only after all avenues have been exhausted.
  • Monitor calls when not working at the store (at night, on the weekend, during holidays).

Security & Safety​

  • Inspect premises of assigned store to insure adequate security exists and physical facilities comply with Company safety guidelines and procedures.
  • Monitor and control the inventory in the store.
  • Follow Company policies regarding cash levels in registers and making safe drops.
  • Follow correct vendor check-in procedures.
  • Protect Company assets at all times.
  • Make daily bank deposits at different times of the day and using different routes to the bank.
  • Count cash out of the sight of the public.
  • Train store employees to adhere to all security policies and procedures.
  • Insure safety checklist is complete per company policy.



  • Review shift change reports daily.
  • Review employees’ time sheets in PDI and verify all hours worked. Upload, print and send payroll time cards weekly
  • Verify the daily deposit by reconciling the register journal tapes to the shift reports detailing the sales and other transactions of the previous day. Any over/(short) should be explained.
  • Complete and send paperwork to the office daily as instructed.
  • Retail any invoice that cannot be entered at the store level.
  • Reconcile the ATM machine cash balance daily.
  • Notify the Supervisor of any material discrepancies in the operating results that you cannot reconcile.
  • Verify all voids, error corrects and refunds from daily transactions.


  • Properly clean and maintain equipment.
  • Use correct pricing per Director of Fast Food. Any discrepancies should be reported to the Director of Fast Food.
  • Train and assist the store employees in the policy and procedures used to properly clean and maintain the equipment.



  • Keep store floor clean at all times.
  • Check refrigeration equipment for proper performance while working.
  • Immediately notify the Office of maintenance problems that you cannot handle.
  • Train store employees to follow Company policies and procedures for cleaning floors, shelving, windows, counters, restrooms and gas pumps.
  • Train store employees to properly check refrigeration equipment.


DISCLAIMER: The list of Primary Responsibilities and Physical Requirements is not a complete list but merely the most current list for this position. Management reserves the right to revise the job description and to require that other tasks be performed when the circumstances of the job change.

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